Have more time to do more important things in life by managing your time more efficiently - at no cost.

Connect with friends, loved ones, and businesses by sharing journey details such as real-time ETAs (estimated time of arrival), on-demand tracking of location, automated and context-aware notifications.


How it works?

The GeoMe mobile app is free. It is provided so you can manage your time more efficiently.

It enables you or a visitor to share journey details with each other on-demand and only for the duration of the chosen journey.

You create a journey, specify the person or the group you wish to share journey details with, specify the destination of the journey.

Geo-augmented, context-aware, on-demand, and direct communication and notifications are activated during the journey where you are able to receive accurate ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) and context-aware notifications such as when the other user(s) is en-route or arrived. You may also call, text message, or track their location in real-time.

GeoMe also enables you to communicate with businesses in new ways. For example, no need for you to wait for hours if a business person is coming to your house to perform an on-site service. Ask them if they use the GeoMe Business before accepting their service, if not, simply create a journey to track them and ensure they accept the invitation to do so.

Another way GeoMe enables you to connect with businesses is by providing you with a Curbside Pickup service. Look up businesses, browse the menu, place an order, pay, and drive to the pickup spot. As soon as you arrive, the order is handed to you while in the car. No need to wait for the order to be prepared, and no need to park or even leave the car.

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Geolocation tracking and Curbside Pickup service.