Curbside Pickup

Boosts Sales & Greatly Enhance Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Get more customers by eliminating their wait time and need for parking by enabling the Curbside Pickup by GeoMe. Customers place an order, pay, and drive to the pickup spot where the order is handed to them while in the car.

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How it works?

The Curbside Pickup by GeoMe technology is offered to takeaway restaurants, cafés, and other takeout businesses. This technology is offered through a mobile app (Curbside Pickup by GeoMe) for businesses to receive and manage orders while customers can place an order and pay using either a mobile app (GeoMe) or any mobile browser. Once the customer arrives, an employee walks out and hand over the freshly-made order to the customer while in the car.


Using the GeoMe app or any mobile browser, customers can look up businesses, browse the menu, place an order, pay, and drive to the pickup spot.


The business receives the order, tracks the incoming customer on the map along with real-time ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), and prepares the order


Once notification of the customer's arrival is received, the order is handed to the customer while in the car.

Why Use GeoMe Technology

Provide your customers with a DriveThru-like service using only a mobile app.

Customers do not need to wait for the order to be prepared
Customers do not need to park or even leave the car
Boost sales by increasing takeaway orders
Greatly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty
Reach new customers through marketing to the GeoMe user base
Cut the cost of receiving orders via the phone
Business parking space is better utilised
Compete in the $200-billion-strong drive-thru market segment
Contactless pickup service
Your business can remain open during a pandemic
Enhanced profitability and efficient operations
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Features of Curbside Pickup by GeoMe

Order Management Dashboard
Real-time accurate ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrivals)
Trip Metadata
Text Messaging
Voice Call
Notification of when the order will be ready
Automatic timely notification when the customer is en-route and as they arrive
Contactless Pickup
Proprietary Location Technologies
Advanced Reporting
Prompt Client Support


Our transparent subscription-based pricing is very competitive.

  • There is no contract. You may cancel at any time.
  • There are no per-order fees.
  • Your customers use the service for free.
Contact us for the complete pricing information. For a limited time, the activation fee is waived. We will send you a tablet, and add your menu, opening hours, and business profile, at no cost!

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